McDonald’s employees in Henry County, Georgia, say they hid in a refrigerator fearing for their lives after they were attacked by a customer who became upset after an item on the menu ran out.

The fast food outlet in Locust Grove, Bill Gardner Parkway, became the scene of a heated dispute after a couple placed a coffee order at around 9 p.m. on Tuesday, only to be told that an item was no longer available, WSB-TV 2 Atlanta reported.

The news outlet spoke with a 16-year-old employee, who said they and others were forced to hide as they feared the situation would turn violent.

Cell phone footage of the incident obtained by WSB-TV 2 Atlanta showed one customer hurling coffee at McDonald’s employees. It also showed the couple banging on the restaurant’s drive-thru window, before they reached inside and picked up chairs. Newsweek was unable to view the footage.

“I was scared, because like, you never know how crazy people are like,” one employee said, explaining why they hid in the…

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