It was in 11th grade when Tabbitha Mains realized she wanted to open her own business.

More specifically she wanted to open her own coffee shop.

Now more than two decades later, the 43-year-old Beckley native has made her dream a reality with the opening of Coffee on Main.

Mains said the community has embraced the cafe, which opened at 206 Main St. across from the Raleigh County Courthouse less than two weeks ago.

“It’s everything that I expected and more,” she said.

She said the shop is even more special because it’s something that her son Jackson, who has autism, can have a hand in as well.

“It’s mostly for him,” she said holding back tears. “Whether I make money or not, it’s something for him to do. … He can’t go into the work field, but this has given him something to do.”

Mains said her son, who recently graduated from high school, is the…

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