by Zoe Seiler, contributor

Avondale Estates, GA — About seven years ago, Billy and Chasidy Atchison moved from Los Angeles to Atlanta and thought of opening a food truck or cart. Both were looking for a change in career, so they started experimenting with cold brew. 

“It was kind of like the ‘mason jar on the kitchen table’ kind of thing and it just kept iterating that, and Billy was training for an ultra marathon at the time,” Chasidy said. 

Cold brew was Billy’s workout fuel. After a few long runs, he began to think cold brew should be the business idea, which then evolved into Banjo Coffee. 

Banjo Coffee has two sides to it. One aspect of the business is production, which involves canning and kegging cold brew, as well as distributing it throughout the Southeast for stores like Whole Foods and other local accounts. 

While looking for a new production space that was going to function similarly to a brewery with coffee, the pair learned about a…

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