Family-run business Ringtons was established 113 years ago and supplies over 250,000 customers across the country, including cafés, restaurants, hotels, workplaces and other outlets with door-to-door deliveries of tea, coffee, sweet treats and biscuits.

PFM supplied two Zenith machines to elimante bottleneck caused by the limits of its hand packing operation.

The capital investment has improved output from 300 kilos in an eight-hour shift to 800 kilos per machine every hour in different bag styles.

PFM’s Zenith EW and Auger filler packs the client’s ground coffee in 57-170g pillow bags, 200g Steelo stand-up packs with rigidised corners and block bottom bags of 500g and one kilo.

The bags also have a valve applied to allow the gas given off by ground coffee to escape the pack. Another Zenith, the ZC model, is a fully integrated system with a 10-head multihead weigher, for block bottom bags of coffee beans in packs from 125g up to one…

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